psychic development courses

Due to overwhelming comments on my marriage line articles I will be doing some short courses for those interested. For a small charge you can learn how to read your lovers palm and improve your psychic development in other ways. Before long, you will be reading auras and drawing your soulmate into your life. Some of us wait our whole lives for our soulmate, but we will learn about the energy and how the fate line and heart line make an impact in our palm with their timing.

Relationships, soul mates, best friends , spiritual teachers and children are all seen in the marriage lines under the little finger. The course will also advise you on crystals and reiki, and how these are helpful to your love life and general well being. 

If you would like to know more the course for psychic development or to register your interest email Elle at I will be teaching small groups of approximately 5 people during a week day, or you can learn by correspondence. A handbook will thoroughly cover all these topics.


With faith and hope