Each finger in palmreading relates to a planet and its effects.  The index finger is ruled by Jupiter and is a planet of good luck and often leadership and teaching. The ring finger is ruled by Apollo and is a planet of arts, love, beauty and money and often there are branches coming up to this finger showing money coming in, or start of a relationship. The middle finger is Saturn which has a heavy, serious influence and for some this finger can show your fate is either routine or random. Lines coming up to Saturn show how smooth your life will run, employment and how we deal with responsibility. So, if you are looking for children in your palm always look for branches towards Saturn finger particularly from the heart line. Finally, the little finger is ruled by the planet Mercury which is communication, health, business and intuition. There will be lines heading towards the little finger more and more now as communication and computers are big part of our lives and new relationships being formed under this finger.


The mounts are found at the bottom of each finger as well and they have similar meaning to each planet ruling the finger. If the mount is raised and has a symbol on it there is some information about your palm and it is very significant. This is information about your personality and also your destiny. The index finger for example often has symbols of teachers square and a cross. The square is seen on mother’s, patient people, mentors and those who should be teaching as a career. A cross is an entrepreneur sign and someone of many ideas and gypsy tale is that the person will always have a good life as they will fall on their feet and not worry too much as they always make the most out of situations. A raised mount under the ring finger shows Apollos influence of someone charming especially if has a triangle or square these are lucky symbols showing a sharp eyes and able to stay grounded which attracts people and money to you. A mount under the middle finger is a rare sign but is sometimes between two fingers and shows great concentration and serious personality, someone who can take on issues affecting humanity and seek justice in the world. If you see symbols here it is powerful and you are destined to change the world, and won’t give up until you achieve your goals. A raised mount under the little finger is an excited personality someone who has the gift of the gab and there is a lot of talking done at work and at home, and a need to communicate. If this doesn’t happen the person may be communicating in other forms such as intuitively they may dream a lot or have sensitive nature and connection with animals.


Some other planets influence in the palm are the Mount of Venus, Mount of Neptune and Mount of Luna. The Mount of Venus can be quite large and this is a good sign as it shows strong energy and sporty on-the-go personality. The goddess of venus is very beautiful and expressive and sexual nature is important to people with a large round mount. Family are also very important to them, and any symbols such as a square show protection from angels over your family and a triangle can show you like your privacy. The Neptune Mount isn’t usually raised but is in between the two sides of the palm and a gateway, between conscious and subconscious and often called the dream area.  The lifeline area and Mount of Venus is very physical and the opposite side of the palm is mainly creative and based on travel. So, Neptune often holds information relating to your dreams, fertility, past lives (on the bracelet lines below) and nervous system. The Luna mount if really quite magical. It can be different depending on a straight palm or more rounded. More roundness shows more creativity and caring nature. Lines that are found on the Luna mount are amazing and hold information about your destiny. You will firstly find the travel lines here where you can find out where you will travel exactly in the world. There are also loops called the Loop of Music and Loop of Water on the Luna mount which relate to your musical ability and love of water and why you may need these things in your life to function well and relax you. It can also bring you more luck if you listen to music regularly or have water feature or fishtank in your home.  The head line in particular can fork down into the Luna mount and shows writing ability (forks under Saturn finger), organisational/creative ability (forks under Apollo finger) and the deeper the fork the more creative or deep the imagination. Any lines coming from the Luna mount joining up onto the Apollo line is very lucky, it relates to money and destined relationships. These can’t be forced, they are often soulmates and will change your life. Look for extra growth after these lines join to see the outcome.


Comparing the left and right palm will give you a good indication as to what your outer and inner personalities are. If you are right handed, your inner personality is on your left palm and relates to your destiny and fate. It also shows your emotional side. If you ever feel lost just look at your left palm and it will guide you back to where you belong.


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