Ever dreamt of your soulmate or seen their initials in your palm?

Happy Valentines Day! Have a look at the marriage lines on the side of your palm. They are horizontal lines with some small vertical or diagonal lines on them.  Each horizontal line represents a relationship or strong connection with someone special in your life.  A vertical or diagonal line on it is a children line, vertical is a boy and diagonal a girl. Some marriage lines have symbols on them as well or branch up towards the little finger showing strong psychic connection. If the marriage line is wavy your partner may be nervous. If the marriage line is deep, strong and long you will be together a long time. If you are worried about a marriage line, try not to overanalyse it – keep an open mind – as sometimes the marriage line is simply a best friend, your soulmate from another life and there is a reason why things happen. Things that may happen are lines cutting through your marriage line showing challenges in relationship, circles showing illness or addiction, forks at the end which show different paths in life. If the fork starts at the beginning you may find one person is more confident than the other. If the marriage line tends to wrap around the front of the palm your partner is a gypsy, a little bit different soul and you will have a feeling you know them from another time. Some marriage lines dip down into the heart line showing a very emotional connection.

Angels are around you

I have made a you-tube video on my channel Elle Kirkby that will tell you some more about the love lines. I also talk about the branches that come in from Luna Mount showing a destined relationship. I also chat about square symbols in the palm and where these most likely show when you will have children. Also, finally I talk a little about the bracelet lines and the lifeline. If these lines are doubled they show a very close connection, and comfort in each other as you may have a feeling you knew each other in a previous lifetime.

Watch my video here and let me know what your marriage lines say by commenting on this post or sending me an email palmreadingbyelle@gmail.com

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