How to read heart lines – curved, straight or broken

Some of us have curved heart lines showing a romantic and active social life. Usually on the right palm and popular in women is a curved heart line that ends between the index finger and middle finger. It is such a positive heart line to have. We are all unique and if you look at the left palm and look at the heart line there you will see the true self, and love that you crave. A left palm may have a completely different heart line.

straight heart line

Emotionally different heart lines on each palm may bring up conflict in relationships, and also within yourself. This is probably the best palm to have as it shows you are able to discover depth within relationships, you are able to connect with people if you have a heart line, but having some straight heart lines allows you to ponder and be mindful. In this case, a Girdle of Venus line has developed at the top of the palm showing sensitivity and love of animals.


Two straight heart lines are often common in male palms, focused on direction and cool and calm on the surface. Underneath this exterior there is a simmering pot of revenge and emotions kept inside for a long time. Important for straight heart lines to find an outlet to prevent a blow out of emotions and aggression. Looking for other symbols in the palm can help you find your outlet, have a look on the actual heart line for circles, squares and triangles. These symbols will also be on the mounts under the fingers. A square on the heart line under the ring or middle finger can show great energy healing ability, possibly even a green thumb. A lot of happiness in any artistic outlets like singing, gardening, or tinkering in the garage creating projects.  Triangles indicate a special learning experience in relationships, squares bring energy and children, circles show you need to look around you for love is right in front of you.

broken heart line

If you heart line is broken there is often a faint line that joins the break. If no faint line is there look elsewhere in the palm as to what is happening at this age of your life. If the break on the heart line is at 23 years, also look to the head line at 23 and the fate line at 23 and lifeline at 23. Often you will find strength and a new direction at this point on one of these lines. There is a new line coming in on the fate line in most cases. It’s not the end even though your heart is breaking. It can be from a breakup in relationship, also a change in your passion for life and where the line begins again shows your new approach in life. You may have some difficulties with an obsessive relationship (doubled heart line) and the break in the heart line may find you no longer are controlled by this person or family. The new heart line will be different, its a new you. More than likely, you take on the heart line on the left palm which is the more natural true self.

curved heart line

If you are usually a really outgoing person and find a broken heart line, you may resort to your inner self and going into yourself for protection look at your left palm. The heart line on the left may be straight – it’s logical, objective but also can keep the emotions in. The straight heart line in people may need some help with healing and responds quickly to massage or reiki.


First date? Look at the guys ring finger..

I was going to do a video on this but all the guys I asked chickened out. I will tell you though what you need to look for when you meet a guy in person. If you are like your normal psychic intuitive woman you will grab his palms and pick up his vibe, then flip his palms over a have a look at his lines.

This is going to be a little obvious, but if you can at least take a look at his ring finger for a ring and also to see if it is longer than his index finger. Palmists often compare the ring and index finger as these two fingers are ruled by Apollo (love) and Jupiter (ambition). If the ring finger is longer than the index finger he is loving of people, life, creative and a team player. If it’s the same length as the index finger he’s a balanced, grounded guy. If the index finger is longer than the ring finger he likes his independence and can teach you a thing or two.

If you do manage to flip his palm over and see his lines make sure to look at how deep the lines are. The deepness shows how passionate he is and how much direction he has for life and for you. Light lines may not mean he isn’t interested in love just that he is more shy and not as direct, and more likely to be creative in his approach.

A curved heart line is an outgoing person and someone who will make you laugh. A guy that has a straight heart line doesn’t show his emotions easily but they run deep and will probably take a while to warm to you, and trust you. But who knows, you too may have a straight heart line and instantly click and just get each other.

There are for different palm types often very similar to the astrology signs as well (earth, water, air and fire). So if you’re going on a date with a Pisces guy expect a water shaped palm with long fingers that look like they could play the piano. A water palm would also have many light lines with a long ring finger.

Everyone is unique and we are often a mix of different hand types. You may be interested to date a Leo with a fire palm type with would have strong lines and curved heart line. If they are a fiery sort of fire sign look for a thick thumb which shows a temper, you are warned. Other than their big personalities Fire signs often have another side to themselves such as big knuckles which show more earth quality showing analysis and attention to detail.

An easy way to see a guys personality is to look at his fingernail shape. Rounded nails are water based very kind and patient. Square nails also very patient and like to put everything in boxes and be organised, this would be more an earth type. Spatulate nails are shaped like a spade and a very active, dramatic person. My favourite is a mixture of all, as variety is the spice of life!

I would always look for a fate line in the middle of the palm that shows a lot of ambition, and employed. If it’s absent they don’t think about the future much, or need your help to fix that. A strong fate line with a wide lifeline shows a lot of travel and adventure in the future. To know if he’s interested in relationships look for finger placement, the Ring finger and middle finger close together or bending toward one another shows a closeness to their partner. Big wide open spaces in the fingers shows they like their space. A heart line that goes straight across the palm is experimental possibly gay, especially if also has the Girdle of Venus which are all lovely, but just giving all my friends here some guidance.

I have listed the four palm types here:

Water: Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer,

Air: Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

Earth: Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The astrology sign may match the hand type but this is just a guide to understand more the elements and palmistry and its natural connection to the earth as well.

Let me know if you would like more tips on first impressions with Palmreading, and watch my video on reading a Fire palm type.

How to read love lines in your palm


In this video I explain some of the love lines in the palm.

Other than the heart line, it’s just as important to look at the fate line and branches that join it. The fate line is a strong main line that goes up the middle of the palm, and relates to responsibility and how far you like to look ahead in your life.

If your fate line stops at the head line, you may mentally not be ready for a relationship. If the fate line stops at the heart line, you may emotionally be not open of a relationship. Or you may just need a particular person who knows how your tick mentally and emotionally.

If you look ahead in life and are open hearted (and open minded) the fate line will go straight to the top of the palm.  There are also apollo line after a branch joins the fate line this shows great happiness in love and life. It can bring extra money your way as well because you are on a happy high vibe. Of course there are symbols to look out for on the fate line and apollo line, to show how successful your relationship will be.

A square may show you will settle down with a down to earth person, and have children. This is more likely around the areas of fate line and apollo and not always directly on the line. A triangle is more likely to show a learning experience or maybe a business relationship. A triangle on Apollo line if you don’t know already is good luck for success in your chosen field, and you will feel like you are truly yourself. It is a time to shine!

Listen to my video for other lines to look at in the palm such as the heart line, marriage lines , sister lines, and bracelet lines. If you don’t know where these lines are and would like me to talk about any lines in detail please comment and i am happy to answer your question, or make another video soon.

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