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Marriage lines, affection lines and lines of union

Hello Palmreaders!

The left vs the right palm

Marriage lines is what I refer to as the relationships we have going on in our lives, even if they are not partners we marry, they are the souls that we have a strong connection with and are a part of your love life. I read marriage lines only on the non – dominant palm usually being the left, as in the traditional manner. As the non – dominant hand contains our magic, secrets and fate it is our true self revealed in this palm. The right palm can have marriage lines as well of course but this is what we want to happen in our life, and perhaps not the true fate.

New kinds of marriage lines

As times do change there are some old fashioned ways of reading palms which really are no longer true. Why I chose to talk to you about this is because new types of marriage lines are developing in our palms, lines are full of compassion and more open minded. There are branches heading towards the Mercury finger and end of marriage lines that cut through the heart line more than ever, there are so many different types of relationships nowadays affecting us on so many levels. Life seems so complex at times but when you read your palm and apply some intuition you will understand…

Dipping marriage lines

One thing that still rings true is that a strong steady marriage line shows a happy, long term relationship. Some factors that we are seeing more as I said was the end of the marriage line dipping down. If it droops an old palm reader may suggest your partner will die before you, however more likely that it indicates some sadness. If the line continued to cut through the heart line the partner does not die or you may not even break up, however involving the heart line makes it very emotional.

Forked marriage lines

Many readers are worried about forked marriage lines. Do they indicate a break up of a relationship? Well traditionally this was the case, however more likely just differences in interests and no sudden end. There can be dramas if you do not like the direction in which the relationship is heading. The fork shows that where there are differences flexibility is needed. A fork at the start of a marriage line has a similar meaning in that you are both different personalities. If the fork appears claw like it may be difficult to cut off contact as one partner is still holding on with their claws, often causing emotional situations and being obsessional about one thing or another such as children or money.

Trauma lines on marriage lines

Some traditional books do say that a fork showed a divorce and much upset, but this is more likely the case with a trauma line at the end of the marriage line. A trauma line at the end shows the relationship is cut off cold with no further contact. Trauma lines are short vertical lines that can also cut through the marriage line part way through its course. These are stressful events and traditionally thought that they are family interfering and stopping the marriage. This could be true however there are many reasons for stressful events and the deeper the trauma the more emotion attached. Often it indicates loss such as miscarriage and major life changes.

Islands on marriage lines

Islands are a common symbol on a marriage line and not really good anywhere on the palm. They indicate a drain on some part of your life, and on the marriage line this can be your relationship. Traditional palm readers will says this shows separation or disagreement, which is partly true especially as having all your energy sucked out of you really does not make for a great relationship. It points more to a toxic relationship, where one partner has issues such as gambling, drug or alcohol dependency.

Affairs on marriage lines

Double marriage lines traditionally straight up said that an affair was happening. However in today’s modern age a doubled line may give you a clue as to what is happening in someone’s relationship. It really depends on what you are looking for in a relationship. some relationships are open and very flexible and a doubled line can actually show compassion and a partner that travels a great deal. Although it can be a sign of an affair It is very important to look at many other parts of the palm and for symbols are present at the end of the line. For example a faint line that doubles at some point followed by a break usually indicates one has been unfaithful. But it really depends on the situation of those people in the relationship. The faint line shows a distance and loss of connection between the two, and a break is a separation. Check the line afterwards for positive growth such as a triangle which can show spiritual growth from the situation.