Symbols for career, health and luck

Symbols can be seen on the major lines and mounts which relate to your talents and luck. Symbols can also be on minor lines often relate situations that are happening now.

On the Jupiter Mount

The square in particular under Jupiter finger is the Teacher’s square and seen on teachers, parents, and patient people. If you aren’t teaching then you should consider this. Sometimes the squares are small showing you good at teaching in a niche area, other large squares shows you have a good general knowledge and well grounded. A square anywhere in the palm indicates a guardian angel.

A cross under Jupiter finger is sign of an entrepaneur and you will always land on your feet, no need to worry as destiny always leads you to the right path. If you start up a business you will have a lot of ideas and may need other people to help you organise those ideas. Check your headline for your problem solving ability especially if it forks under Apollo finger.

A triangle shows many ideas and suited for starting a business and inspiration to those around you. It is a positive sign that you will always have a way to make the most of a situation.

A counsellor’s ring is sign of a counsellor and listening a lot to friends issues. You may find this draining or you may find that this is a natural talent that you have. This symbol is usually only present if you are doing a lot of counselling of others.

On the Mercury Mount

A square is a sign you are a healer and extremely good at connecting with others mentally or psychically. Look also for healing striata in this area to help you with your healing abilities as a doctor or nurse. Some people who work in the community also have these markings.

A triangle on this mount is a very positive sign that you have great insight into issues especially in business, this is good if you work in sales. You are able to see outside the square. Look for branches from the triangle symbol for where and when you will have the success such as a branch to the apollo line would show when you have more money coming in.

Circles are not a good symbol to have on Mercury mount and in women is often sign of ovarian problems. If you also see vertical lines down the bottom of the palm this can show lower back pain or gynaecological problems. Circles on the heart line under the Mercury area are to do with emotional ups and downs usually before you are 20 and may find it hard coping with jealousy. If the line is red it could show high blood pressure or cholesterol. Circle on the head line under the Mercury area is related to the teeth.

On the Apollo Mount

The square on this part of palm is common and shows someone open and able to connect well with other people. You will attract other down to earth people. Further down the palm still under the Apollo finger you may see squares close to the Fate line which show you have healing ability, especially to channel energy and on the Fate line is more likely to show settling and nesting with children. Singers and artists often have ability to channel and feel inspired due to these symbols around this area. A deeply curved headline would also help with the creativity. If your headline was more straight you would be more of a practical creative person, such as an architect.

A triangle on this mount is very lucky for fortune and having ability to snap up good opportunities, you see a bargain and can balance your money well. Look for finger placement if your fingers are close together this shows you are good at saving money. If you want to win money you would need a triangle on the Apollo line and several parallel lines show increased fortune, and also a busier lifestyle. A star on Apollo together with a triangle would show fame and fortune. An upside down triangle on the heart line however indicates loneliness or time apart from your partner.

A circle is another symbol under Apollo related to the eyes and on the heart line it means something quite interesting, it means you need to open your eyes and see that your loved one if right in front of you. On the head line a circle relates to getting your eyes checked, and it may be just in one palm to give you an idea which eye needs more attention. If this line is red get it checked immediately.

On the Saturn Mount

A square is a hard worker, a heavy energy that needs to be channelled into hard, physical work – often seen on a those who work in a trade. They may not be big into flexibility but check other symbols in the palm you may be surprised as they may have other talents. These people are rocks and ones that you can depend on to get you through a crisis. Lawyers and humanitarians often have this sign as well they will fight for justice.

A triangle on Saturn mount can relate to career, and you may go your whole life trying to find what you are good at when really you may just need to help others. You will be intrigued with life and responsible for a lot such as children, caring for family and making the money in your true calling will really make you happy.

A circle further down the palm under the Saturn finger area on the heart line relates to listening to your partner, try to be more open to what they are saying. On the right palm you may have your partner giving you orders, but on the left palm a circle symbol on the heart line could be that you are shut off somewhat. On the head line a circle could be a hearing problem relating to your workplace as you find too many people talking to you an issue and you need peace a quiet to help you balance. Check your hearing if you do see this on your head line especially if it has dents on the head line or is a red line.

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