Children lines

Children lines are found on marriage lines as vertical or diagonal lines, heart lines where they are branches up to the middle finger and lifeline as an extra inner lifeline.

I have read children’s palm to help parents identify their special talents, allergies and unique quirks to their character. Watch my real life palmreading of a child’s palm who is a Virgo and has an earth palm.

Children’s Palmreading

When reading a child’s palm you will find that they have all the major lines of heart, head and lifeline and other unique lines as well. Children have signs of their personality straight from the start, especially if you are looking at the left palm. Their approach to emotion, such as a straight heart line or a shorter heart line finishing up under the middle finger can show a lot of insight into their personality.

When we are children there are experiences that impact us greatly and sometimes there are guardian angels that show up to protect us. Just look at the inside of the lifeline for a long line that follows, if it starts close to the beginning of the lifeline this shows protection from a young age. It could be when a grandparent has passed over or just that the child is open and willing to work with their guides.

If you are trying to have children and would like to know if you will adopt, have twins, or what type of personality your children will have in the future, you can look at the children lines. These come off the marriage lines which are under the little finger on the left palm only. A straight children line is a boy, a diagonal line is a girl. Possibly you will have a girl with a straight children line and that is because they are more of a tomboy. If the children line is long and reaches up into the little finger of Mercury they are exceptional in their communication. A long children line shows a chatterbox, someone who is able to communicate with angels as well. Their experience in this can be grounded with other intuitive talents such as music, creative art and singing. If a children line cuts through the marriage line your child is adopted or fostered into your family. It could be extra responsibility if you check to see any branches off the Apollo line towards the middle finger.