Timing events – aged 21 to 42

This is a new cycle for many people, not just for those starting University and living independently its a time to travel, explore and do the gap year.  Many lines can be seen coming off the lifeline in various directions depending on what you chose to do. It’s also a spiritual time when a new cycle for women starts with new destiny lines emerging from the  Mount of Moon.

The age of 21 is seen on the lifeline as the outer side of the index finger, if you were to draw a line down you would reach age 21 on the lifeline. You can often see the headline becoming separated from the lifeline at this point when moving out of home. There are sometimes frustration if you don’t get into a University course or conflict with the family and so may see broken lines. There could be great things you want to achieve at this age such as with sport and any lines going inside towards the thumb and Mount of Mars area  show courage and spontaneity. Signs of a firefighter and those who will join the police force also.

Age 21 to 42 in the palm
Top circle shows age 40-42 on the Apollo and Fate line. The middle circle shows age 35-40 on the Apollo and Mercury line. The bottom circle shows age is 21-25 on the fate line. Remember everyone’s palm is unique and ages can vary

In the 20’s and 30’s it may be time when you meet a soulmate and want to buy a house and settle down. You can see a doubled lifeline known as the Sister line which is a soulmate as such someone you could meet early on in life that is protective. It is good to know this is also a guardian angel. Anyone that you have lost in early years of your life is likely to have a sister line begun at the age they passed away. Any horizontal lines could show the emotional scars from this particularly if it cuts through the lifeline. If you are a sensitive person you could have several horizontal lines known as trauma lines. These usually only occur when going through a lot of stress or if you have anxiety. Making an a home investment and strength is seen in triangles on the lifeline, and if you buy the home a small vertical line will form at the same time on the lifeline. Additionally, any small line going down shows how far you will move.


If you are planning a trip overseas in your 20’s and 30’s in my experience as a palm reader a horizontal line going out from the lifeline shows travel for self discovery. A deeper line going downwards indicates a trip overseas possibly even working there. Look for symbols on these branch lines going down for luck and impact it has on your life. Any symbols shows that it will be significant, such as a square would show stability and safety on the trip and possibly you will be spend a lot of time in the countryside or be involved in helping people build homes in a disadvantaged country. All depends also on the travel lines found the outside part of the palm on the Mount of Moon. Here there are series of horizontal lines showing trips around the world, and lines top of the palm generally are northern hemisphere and bottom of palm are southern hemisphere.

ball shaped blur close up focus
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To see where the palm shows you are getting towards 30 you will have the fateline joining the headline at age 30. If the fateline stops at this point you will possibly have less interest in work or not wanting to think much about the future taking it one day at a time. It could have a small break and go in a different direction often at this stage when people have children there is a break as they aren’t working. It will restart again when back at work. A sign that this is happening is when there are also squares on the fate line which shows a settling down and focus on family.

If you follow the heart line from the outside section of the palm you will find at age 27 it is at the start of the middle finger of Saturn  . Any lines on the heart line that do go up to the Saturn finger are children or extra responsibility (in matters of the heart it could be adopting a pet even). If you have an extra heart line above your heart line it is called the Girdle of Venus and this is often a series of fainter lines joined together, often seen on animal lovers and intuitive women.  Any symbols on this extra heart line or branches such as age 27 could be a special time in your life and destined.

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If you follow the head line from the inside section of the palm you will find at age 27 it is also at the inner start of the middle finger of Saturn. Again any branches from the head line around this time are to do with responsibility with work, a promotion, and positive news. If the branch was to go to index finger it is a promotion, towards middle finger is responsibility, ring finger is money coming in and little finger is communication increased. If you were to have a symbol on this line such as a triangle is study leave with work, or a special project. A lot of creative people have triangles under the Apollo ring area on and around the head line which is more likely the 40 year age. If the triangle symbol was on the head line it is very lucky. A circle around age 27 (index finger) can show confusion at work or hearing problems. A circle further along around age 40 (apollo finger) is not seeing things clearly with work matters or you may need an eye check.

Age 40 is significant in the lifeline and also the fate line and easy to find. At the thumb base if you were to look directly across to the lifeline you will see age 40. At this point you may find you are settling into life and more travel lines rather than worry lines happening. On the fate line age 40 is where it meets the heart line, and if it does stop here it shows you haven’t found your true passion yet in life. You may feel a little lost sometimes however if you look at your non dominant left palm it may have a longer fate line showing your true direction. In most cases the fate line together with the money lines under the ring finger become doubled, joined and go in many directions! On the heart line if you heart line is a long one you will see age 40 between the index finger and middle finger. There is often a fork in the heart line here after having children the heart chakra opens up and we will want to explore different feelings in life, and often will be a lot more emotional.

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How to read love lines in your palm


In this video I explain some of the love lines in the palm.

Other than the heart line, it’s just as important to look at the fate line and branches that join it. The fate line is a strong main line that goes up the middle of the palm, and relates to responsibility and how far you like to look ahead in your life.

If your fate line stops at the head line, you may mentally not be ready for a relationship. If the fate line stops at the heart line, you may emotionally be not open of a relationship. Or you may just need a particular person who knows how your tick mentally and emotionally.

If you look ahead in life and are open hearted (and open minded) the fate line will go straight to the top of the palm.  There are also apollo line after a branch joins the fate line this shows great happiness in love and life. It can bring extra money your way as well because you are on a happy high vibe. Of course there are symbols to look out for on the fate line and apollo line, to show how successful your relationship will be.

A square may show you will settle down with a down to earth person, and have children. This is more likely around the areas of fate line and apollo and not always directly on the line. A triangle is more likely to show a learning experience or maybe a business relationship. A triangle on Apollo line if you don’t know already is good luck for success in your chosen field, and you will feel like you are truly yourself. It is a time to shine!

Listen to my video for other lines to look at in the palm such as the heart line, marriage lines , sister lines, and bracelet lines. If you don’t know where these lines are and would like me to talk about any lines in detail please comment and i am happy to answer your question, or make another video soon.

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