Timing events – age 43 to 100

On the palm there are many lines that strengthen after the age 43 showing opportunities as you enter this new cycle. There is often a combination of many talents coming together or pursuing a true passion.

As you age you don’t naturally get more lines in the palm, in fact you may actually get less as you don’t really care as much about all those petty little things. The Mount of Venus area would show less horizontal lines if you are able to overcome these stresses in life. If a deep red line was to come from the thumb area and cross into your lifeline this an inheritance. Often you will see this on the lifeline with other positive symbols such as a large branch going down shows moving home, and triangles show investments.

Age 43 begins on the lifeline is just below the thumb, the fate line is just above the heart line, the heart line just towards the start of the index finger and head line at the end of the ring finger

Lines in the palm can change every eight years including the marriage lines. Changing marriage lines is a large topic but if you have a forked marriage line always look at the strongest part of the marriage line. At age 43 you would be looking at the top marriage line closest to the little finger. On the heart line you may find an emotional attachment or soulmate line join it from the marriage line, or apollo line or even communication line. When the apollo line joins each other there is a combination of energies usually relationships. A group of apollo lines is different but usually around the same timings just above the heart line at age 43. A trident is a group of these lines bringing you wealth and abundance. Halfway between your heart line and base of the fingers is around age 50 and there can be triangle symbols or squares. Triangles particularly under the apollo mount are a lucky time when you feel inspired and overwhelmed to follow your heart. It is usually followed by a new direction in the fate line.

broken heart line

When the fate line reaches the heart line in the next section age 43 to 100 you will find it going in either one or two directions. Some people who have lived a routine life and worked 9-5 will find that their extremely straight fate line may begin to change to head towards the index finger. In this case they would be chosing to work for themselves or set up a small business.  This together with a triangle on the Jupiter mount near the index finger shows entrepeneur ability. A great change in women who are standing up for their rights also to have type of fate line. If your fate line goes in the other direction towards the Apollo mount near the ring finger it shows a strong creative influence, and preferring to be around friends and community. If the line was to be forked especially in this area you could have a second home to spend relaxing with your friends.

The heart line may be curved or straight and the longer it is the easier it is to read the timing for age 43 to 100. Reading the heart line as it heads towards the Jupiter mount near the index finger you will see it could fork, especially after having children and it could get stronger as well showing quieter times in your life. It shows a more settled lovelife. It is usually near the start of the index finger at age 43 where you will see the heart line either dipping down, or climbing up showing emotional growth and confidence. It can show a new love of life also especially if you have branches towards the middle finger of Saturn this shows welcoming responsibility into your life, long after having kids you welcome grandchildren and foster children. A doubled heart line does not indicate an affair and is more likely a deeply charged emotional connection with your partner.

Other lines to look for when you are age 43 to 100 are at the base of the lifeline. If there is a large triangle at its base this is a lucky sign you will live a blessed life. If it has a large sweeping motion towards the centre of the palm you will travel alot in your later years. The travel lines on the other side of the palm will show you where you will travel and how successful. If the bottom of your lifeline has a break it could be a new lifestyle that is needed and a new lifeline will form if you dedicate yourself enough to these changes. Squares will appear to protect you with these breaks.

Changing marriage lines are common as well, and even though the top marriage line indicates you will meet someone after age 43 you may still be with your first partner you met or still in close contact. If the first marriage line is going well it will be strong, and like all relationships have changes. There could be a break and a change in what each partner wants and an overlapping marriage line shows adaptability to that change and remaining together. If you have triangle on that marriage line it is a good luck symbol for your relationship that you will find a way to work things out. It gives great strength and courage in the heart and mind. A forked marriage line at the end shows a different point of view and sometimes there will be conflict with this marking if you are not able to accept the other person is different from you. If the marriage line was to dip down into the heart line that is an emotional connection that you can’t break or ever get over even when you break up with the person. At the end of the marriage line a small vertical line would show the end of the relationship by divorce or other sudden ending.

On a happier note, the head line is interesting at the end its journey and at age 43 at the start of the ring finger if you were to draw a line down towards the head line you can see changes. There could be a dip in the head line or a fork heading slightly upwards. A fork upwards shows mathematical ability and practical side to organising their working life. There is a business like ability in this line marking especially if it reaches the other side of the palm you like to be involved in projects. Any branches up towards the apollo mount area is money coming in. A lotto win could be on this head line area if there is a triangle or star, and look also for lines coming in from the outer part of the palm which are relating to destiny. The apollo line may also have a star for a lotto win.

With the head line you will find in some people who are very giving to others and compassionate to have a head line that goes up and peaks slightly towards the Mount of Mercury near the little finger. This is sign of a humanitarian and often those with healing striata on the Mount of Mercury will also have this type of head line. Brad Pitt has this on his palm and together with other strong lines in the palm such as in the courageous Mount of Mars under the thumb area this can show positive influence to help others in a crisis.

How to read heart lines – curved, straight or broken

Some of us have curved heart lines showing a romantic and active social life. Usually on the right palm and popular in women is a curved heart line that ends between the index finger and middle finger. It is such a positive heart line to have. We are all unique and if you look at the left palm and look at the heart line there you will see the true self, and love that you crave. A left palm may have a completely different heart line.

straight heart line

Emotionally different heart lines on each palm may bring up conflict in relationships, and also within yourself. This is probably the best palm to have as it shows you are able to discover depth within relationships, you are able to connect with people if you have a heart line, but having some straight heart lines allows you to ponder and be mindful. In this case, a Girdle of Venus line has developed at the top of the palm showing sensitivity and love of animals.


Two straight heart lines are often common in male palms, focused on direction and cool and calm on the surface. Underneath this exterior there is a simmering pot of revenge and emotions kept inside for a long time. Important for straight heart lines to find an outlet to prevent a blow out of emotions and aggression. Looking for other symbols in the palm can help you find your outlet, have a look on the actual heart line for circles, squares and triangles. These symbols will also be on the mounts under the fingers. A square on the heart line under the ring or middle finger can show great energy healing ability, possibly even a green thumb. A lot of happiness in any artistic outlets like singing, gardening, or tinkering in the garage creating projects.  Triangles indicate a special learning experience in relationships, squares bring energy and children, circles show you need to look around you for love is right in front of you.

broken heart line

If you heart line is broken there is often a faint line that joins the break. If no faint line is there look elsewhere in the palm as to what is happening at this age of your life. If the break on the heart line is at 23 years, also look to the head line at 23 and the fate line at 23 and lifeline at 23. Often you will find strength and a new direction at this point on one of these lines. There is a new line coming in on the fate line in most cases. It’s not the end even though your heart is breaking. It can be from a breakup in relationship, also a change in your passion for life and where the line begins again shows your new approach in life. You may have some difficulties with an obsessive relationship (doubled heart line) and the break in the heart line may find you no longer are controlled by this person or family. The new heart line will be different, its a new you. More than likely, you take on the heart line on the left palm which is the more natural true self.

curved heart line

If you are usually a really outgoing person and find a broken heart line, you may resort to your inner self and going into yourself for protection look at your left palm. The heart line on the left may be straight – it’s logical, objective but also can keep the emotions in. The straight heart line in people may need some help with healing and responds quickly to massage or reiki.